Certified CO2 savings

Affirming your commitment to a greener,
more profitable tomorrow with refurbed tech.

The only company to certify CO2 savings

Alchemy is proud to be the first and only company certifying CO2 savings for refurbished tech. We’re setting new standards in sustainable innovation by accurately measuring the impact of refurbed smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearables across their entire lifecycle to understand the CO2 savings of buying refurb vs. new.

Through our partnership with Greenly, the worlds’s fastest growing carbon management platform, we are now able to certify this saving, ensuring traceability for your positive commitment to sustainability and the achievement of your ESG goals.

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Simplify sustainability reporting and quantify the environmental impact of your tech purchasing decisions

At Alchemy, we’re committed to leading the way in sustainability. We’re actively reshaping the circular tech market, shedding light on the environmental impact of refurbished devices in a straightforward and transparent manner.

See how much CO2 you could be saving

Use our GreenTech Saver carbon calculator

See the difference you can make. Our carbon calculator instantly reveals the CO2 savings for all our devices.
Try it out now to discover how much your business could save.

Example based on 100x iPhones

  • Cost savings


  • CO2 Savings


*Based on average for US/EU for B2B and B2C, excluding repairs, use and end of life.

The only company certifying CO2 savings for all refurbished tech

Be the change leader

Choose Alchemy to demonstrate your commintment - not just about cutting costs but spotlighting your business’ dedication to a sustainable future.

Join the circular economy revolution

Recover value and embrace the circularity. Alchemy not only delivers high quality refurbished tech but ensures every purchase contributes to a sustainable future.

Cost benefits of refurbed tech

Discover the financial advantages of purchasing refurbished tech. Alchemy offers quality devices at a fraction of the cost, aligning your budget with your commitment to sustainability.

iPhone 12 128GB
New: $1,000
Refurb: $300
Savings: 70%

ESG compliant, CSR driven

Discover how circularity can help you meet your ESG and CSR goals. Alchemy’s partnership with Greenly provides certification of your Co2 saving, so it can contribute towards your ESG goals, reinforce your commitment to environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility.

About Greenly

Greenly is the world’s fastest growing carbon management platform.
Their Carbon Management Platform allows companies to measure and manage their CO2 emissions and to take steps to reduce them. Thanks to Alchemy’s current partnership with Greenly, we can certify CO2 emissions of every device you buy from us, ensuring traceability of your positive actions.

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Join us in the circular economy revolution, where every device purchase becomes a statement of commitment to a greener tomorrow.

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