Our story

A mission to bring efficient circularity to the technology market.


In 2017, a small group of Alchemists identified a clear market opportunity and set out on a mission to disrupt the circular solution for tech. They wanted to support the biggest tech companies to reduce their contribution to pollution by finding a better way to reuse and repurpose their devices, and in giving them a second life, make access to tech more affordable for consumers and businesses in the form of used and refurbished solutions.


‘a seemingly magical process of transformation’

These Alchemists also wanted to replace the legacy industry’s offerings that were manual, costly, and low in service. So, they developed a software enabled, fully integrated set of trade-in tools that made handing back tech as easy as when it was bought. These solutions allow our partners to drive trade-ins as a value-added experience in store or online.

Our full circular service handles tech from ‘consumer to consumer'. From trade-in to processing, data securing, cleaning, and repairing, we operate in state-of-the-art facilities in 11 countries on 4 continents and sell our refurbished products to consumers in more than 60 different markets. We resell to businesses or directly to consumers through marketplaces and our e-commerce websites: 'Loop Mobile'

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Alchemy is now the fastest-growing company in the global circular technology market. Here’s a snapshot of our journey.

    • Ranked 11th in Deloitte Technology Fast 50

      Alchemy is ranked 11th at the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Awards 2023.

    • Ellen MacArthur Foundation

      Alchemy becomes part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Community.

    • Over $440m global revenues

      Global revenues leap to more than $440m making Alchemy the fastest growing global company in the global circular tech market.

    • Alchemy Dubai

      Alchemy opens its Dubai operations, enabling remarketing services in the Middle East and Africa.

    • 4000000 devices sold

      273.8 thousand tonnes of Co2 saved

      Our new Hong Kong office opens with the addition of a world-leading technology and operations hub.

    • 2 new distribution centres

      Over 300 Alchemists

      2 new distribution centres are added in the US.

      Our number of Alchemists exceeds 300.

    • 2000000 devices sold

      137 thousand tonnes of Co2 saved

      Alchemy exceeds $240m in annual sales, delivering remarkable growth to accompany our transition from tech start-up to global industry leader.

    • US trade-in programme

      A new nationwide US trade-in programme launches.

    • Alchemy Taiwan

      Alchemy Taiwan opens and launches its first trade-in programme in July.

    • 1000000 devices sold

      68.4 thousand tonnes of Co2 saved

      We launch Loop Mobile, our dedicated consumer offering, selling high-quality, genuine technology products directly to customers worldwide.

    • New distribution centre opens

      Over 25000 sq. ft.

      Alchemy opens an Irish distribution centre with over 25,000 sq. ft. to service the European market and be our primary operations centre of excellence.

    • 500000 devices sold

      34.2 thousand tonnes of Co2 saved

      Alchemy Japan opens and begins managing several high-profile trade-in programs.

    • IO launches

      Alchemy’s enterprise trade-in portal “IO” officially launches in the US market, followed by Europe and the UK.

    • Global partnership with leading device manufacturer launches

      Logistics centres open in Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Italy. Our global partnership launches, enabling Alchemy to support their stores all over the world.

    • Alchemy Hong Kong opens


      Alchemy Hong Kong opens in Kowloon. Alchemy reaches its first milestone of 100 Alchemists.

    • 100000 devices sold

      6.8 thousand tonnes of Co2 saved

      Alchemy US is born in Lowell, Massachusetts, and opens a major operations centre in Indiana.

    • Callisto launches

      Callisto, our proprietary online global marketplace, launches. It automates business-to-business sales across product catalogs, auctions, and account management, allowing us to sell any device, from any location, to any customer in the world.

    • Alchemy UK opens

      12000 sq. ft.

      Alchemy UK opens, supported by a dedicated 12,000 sq. ft. UK operations centre. Alchemy Australia opens, supported by a dedicated operations centre in Melbourne.

    • Jupiter launches

      Jupiter, our proprietary platform, launches and delivers ground-breaking advances for trade-in and forward residual value delivery. It’s a game changer for trade-in service delivery.

    • Alchemy Global is created

      Alchemy Global is created and headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Team Alchemy gets to work building our technology assets.

The fastest-growing global company in the circular tech market.

Alchemy ranked in Deloitte Technology Fast 50