We recover devices using our proprietary software stack and procurement analytics to enable users to part with their used technology safely and securely.

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When a user buys a new tech product, we enable them to trade in their current device. We do this for some of the world’s most prominent retailers and carriers, as well as managing large programs for enterprises and their resellers. They all choose Alchemy because we understand the customer journey and that trade in must be simple, effective, competitive and a joy for the consumer to use.

Alchemy offers advanced integrated technology that enables trade-in to be organically completed within the purchase flow. Multichannel solutions that operate seamlessly across physical retail, online and apps. All delivered by proprietary Alchemy platforms, protected by first rate penetration tested security, supporting sophisticated production facilities.

Annual Upgrades

Wherever there is an initiative to allow an "upgrade anytime offer" or a "return your device in two years for a lower purchase price", there is a need for residual value modeling and commercial forecasting. We utilise our vast dataset and extensive forecasting analytics to enable the securitization of technology assets to reduce consumer payments.

Lease Redemptions

Alchemy can offer a solution for devices that come from the large magnitude of operating lease, rental, subsidy, and carrier plan programs and initiatives. We assess, grade, evaluate, and refresh these devices and make them available on our multiple sales channels for reuse.

Early Sale Fallout

A small proportion (although a large number globally) of new tech is returned soon after purchase, often due to no product fault whatsoever. These devices are practically new, but legally cannot be described as such. Alchemy moves vast numbers of these Grade A and Certified Refurbished products to relevant channels and locations, from cost-savvy consumers to businesses that support circular tech and their cost basis.

Carrier and Retailer Partnerships

Alchemy rehomes secondary technology from some of the biggest household names on the planet. When you finish with your new phone or tablet, we are just getting started. Alchemy procures hundreds of thousands of products from these channels every year.

Our device trade-in services and systems empower consumers and businesses from all over the world to recover value for their used technology.

Alchemy ranked in Deloitte Technology Fast 50