Every device we receive goes through an in-depth refreshment process.

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When a device is recovered, we first try to refurbish it, and currently 0% end up in landfill. Less than 1% of them need to be recycled, and those that do are almost always either unsafe or cannot be data-wiped for resale. That means over 99% of the devices we recover are resold and reused.



Ultimately, we all reach the end of the line, and when a piece of tech has had its final life, it goes to an OEM-approved disassembly specialist to have its valuable components and other elements removed and recycled for tomorrow’s tech.


Grade & Distribute

Our products are then sold in conditions graded from fully refurbished to heavily pre-loved, yet inherently safe. The channels they are sold to and the purposes they are used for range accordingly. We do all we can to get products back into the hands of the user, where possible.


Refurb & Restore

Not every device finishes looking like new; some stay in a pre-loved condition. Our role is to give each product a second life, not necessarily a complete refurb. For example, the refurb investment we can make in a 2-year-old Apple Mac is much greater than that in a 10-year-old phone.


Assess & Test

A suite of automated tests and proprietary technology assess each device’s condition and what it requires to achieve its best re-marketable condition.


Validate & Wipe

All devices are validated by assessing their identity and attributes, ensuring all data is wiped.

A mature ecosystem of tools and services that process, refurbish, and repair tech to make it ready for reuse.

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