Alchemy remarkets millions of devices every year, finding each refreshed piece of technology its ideal new owner. A range of channels and partners ensure we gain strong value for each device, meaning we continue to fuel the circular tech ecosystem.

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The Right Fit

Positioning the devices (condition, age, price point) is key to how they fit into the technology cycle. Older products are well suited for entry level users and simpler tech tasks, while very recent devices may go to the insurance marketplace to replace new technology that has been lost or damaged.

Fit for Purpose

Most of the technology we handle is 2–5 years old. After it’s been through the Alchemy Refresh process, it’s well suited to users and businesses that are looking for technology that is just a few generations back. This promotes tech circularity and saves hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars worth of investment in technology.

The Extras Matter

To promote adoption and upkeep, we combine refurbished tech with both new and refurbished add on products and services. For example, protecting a refurbished Apple iPhone with a brand-new, original Apple case is a way to ensure zero waste on cases.

Our Eco-System

Alchemy works with more than 1400 retailers, resellers, and marketplaces to distribute our technology to consumers and businesses the world over. Whilst we operate our own consumer technology offering, 'Loop Mobile' in some of our key markets, such as the US, UK, Europe, and Australia.

Our retail partners

  • amazon
  • backmarket
  • bestbuy
  • walmart
  • ebay
  • swappie
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A dynamic remarketing model, with pricing intelligence and multiple sales channels, allows us to supply high-quality used and refurbished technology to consumers, businesses, and partners globally.

Alchemy ranked in Deloitte Technology Fast 50