Alchemy Studios works closely with all of our brands to deliver creative, engaging and captivating  adverts across the web. With access to hundreds of thousands of premium websites, we are able to deliver campaigns to the right audiences at fantastic rates.

Below are a few examples of the creative sizes we can create and deliver for your campaign.


Targeting Options

Reach – Deliver your ads to a wide variety of premium sites across our network.

Channel – Target your campaign to particular categories across the web to ensure that your campaigns are being delivered in the most relevant environments to suit your campaign goals.

Premium Sites – Select the  individual sites in which you want to target your campaign to

Location – With a wide range of location targeting options we can deliver your campaigns as granularly as you like down to your specified post code to target audiences in your desired location.

Time – Apply time targeting to deliver your campaigns on specific days and times

Brands we’ve worked with

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Rate Card


CPM (Cost per 1,000 viewed ads)

Collection of sites: from £12 CPM
Category of site: from £6 CPM

Additional targeting
Location targeting: £3 CPM
Time targeting: £2 CPM
Device targeting: £1 CPM

Creative design
Standard banners: from £50
Animated banners: from £100