Alchemy becomes the only refurbisher able to certify CO2e of devices

Does your business have an ESG policy in place? And if so, have you considered your tech estate as part of your ESG targets?

Alchemy x Greenly

That’s what we asked 4,000 businesses worldwide in a recent survey, and we found out something surprising. While 83% of the companies we spoke to have firm ESG targets, 40% of the same organisations fail to consider the impact of their mobiles, laptops, and tablets within these policies.

That’s a significant oversight when, as we know, manufacturing electronics produces large amounts of carbon emissions, as well as requiring substantial water usage and raw material mining. Surprisingly, even among businesses with over 250 employees that have ESG policies, more than a quarter neglect to factor in their tech impact.

At Alchemy, we consistently work to support businesses on their paths to Net Zero. So we’ve formed an industry-first partnership with the carbon-accounting platform Greenly. This collaboration has helped us become the only device refurbisher able to certify the emissions savings of each device we give a second life to.

By receiving a certificate that details these emissions savings, businesses will get a clearer picture of the environmental impact of their tech estate, be able to show off their sustainability credentials, and have physical proof of what they are doing to meet ESG goals.

As Stephen Wise, Global Marketing Director - Circular Economy at Alchemy, explains,

"The first step to developing a more sustainable business means reducing emissions as much as possible, before offsetting what cannot be reduced. Despite the low consideration of device tech in ESG policies, it’s important for businesses to understand both the environmental and financial impact of their tech in their strategies to meet Net Zero.”

As part of the new partnership, Greenly have conducted an in-depth analysis of Alchemy's refurbishment process, from logistics and processing to distribution, allowing us to provide complete transparency on the CO2e footprint of each refurbished device. Greenly's lifecycle analysis also incorporated data on the CO2 emissions of raw materials, manufacturing, transportation, and end-of-life processes published by the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

For businesses, opting for refurbished devices and electronics avoids an average of 76.05kg of CO2 emissions compared to buying new. By partnering with Greenly, we’re able to show this in the clearest possible way, empowering businesses to simplify sustainability reporting and make more informed, circular decisions.

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