Donating refurbished technology to empower education in Nepal

At Alchemy, we’re focused on building a better world. Primarily, that comes through our business model of recovering and refreshing tech in a way that helps to develop and promote global sustainability and circularity. But it also means directly helping to create a better future for those in need of support.

Donating refurbished technology to empower education in Nepal

Recently, we donated a range of devices, including iPads and MacBook’s to Himali Boarding School in Nepal. The iPads have gone to the school’s younger children, who will be able to use them to access educational apps and for subjects such as math’s and art. The laptops will be used by older children in the school, again for educational apps, but also to help familiarize them with using a keyboard, creating presentations, and using software like Excel - all useful skills for getting jobs in the future.

These are important tools for the children at Himali, many of whom are orphans or come from very low-income families and have had little or no access to education before now. The school has around 400 pupils, with a 50-bed dormitory for orphans, whose stay at Himali is subsidized by the school’s fee-paying pupils.

Himali is run by a children’s home and charity called Creative Nepal, which was set up by four orphans who grew up together: Kalpana, Jordis, Netra and Miers. As well as providing education for many Nepalese kids at Himali, Creative Nepal’s children’s home also houses around 20 former street children.

We recognized the extraordinary work that Kalpana, Jordis, Netra and Miers are doing and donated iPads and laptops to Creative Nepal to help the children at Himali learn technology skills, which we believe will benefit them in so many different ways, now and in future.

But we’re also always eager to do more. We are continuing to work with volunteers who have visited a number of Gurkha Welfare Trust centers around Nepal to look at further ways Alchemy can support children in the Himalayan nation. Each year, the Gurkha Welfare Trust builds two new schools in remote locations, which we see as an opportunity to donate laptops and iPads to these schools in the coming years.

With these initiatives, at Alchemy, we’re proud to be able to help children in Nepal secure a better future.

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